Zen Dogs & Cool Cats Zen Bites Honey and Peanut Butter CBD Chews

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These Peanut Butter & Honey CBD Dog Treats are an epic way to supplement all of your pets therapeutic needs On-The-Go and in any occasion!

New Snack Pack Size features an easy to open and close (5x7) pouch that is meant to travel with ease!

Key Ingredients:

Organic Hemp Powder: A complete source of protein; providing all nine essential amino acids

Flax Seeds: Rich in Omega-3 fats and fiber to support digestion

Peanut Flour: Low In fat and high in protein; a great source for baking

Sweet Potato: Rich in anti-oxidants; helps support the immune system

Potential CBD Benefits Include:

1. Stress & Anxiety Relief

2. Anti-Inflammation Support

3. Appetite Stimulation

4. Non-Psychoactive Effects

Product Certifications:

1. Made In The USA

2. No GMO

3. GMP Certified

4. Made With Organic Hemp Powder

Dosage Recommendations:

Supplement twice a day for overall health and wellness. If necessary gradually exceed dosing weight recommendations for specific occasions!

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