Barkguard Anti Bark Spray Collar

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Barkguard BT-88C Citronella bark collar is the latest and most advanced citronella collar available. Simply install the battery and collar strap and switch it on. Please note that there will be an initial spray each time you switch it on; it is a feature that we added to minimize clogging issues that other brands are prone of.

Each time barking noise is detected, it sprays a burst of citronella spray towards the dog's lower jaw. It is inoffensive, without any static shocks nor loud noises, yet highly effective in discouraging your dog from barking excessively. Research studies have found that citronella spray collars have 88% effectivity rate as a barking deterrent.

Barkguard BT-88C Citronella bark collar impacts four of your dogs senses through the spray based training. They smell, they hear, they see and they feel it. Most dogs will learn quickly and their excessive barking will soon be history.

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